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The main way Fella inspired me initially was the realisation that others had the same issues as I did and the legitimisation that that offered me. Since then I’ve been inspired by the fact that there’s people from loads of different countries, nationalities and walks of life who all struggle the same way. It’s oddly comforting to know.
31-year-old startup exec in the UK.
I feel like I'm a totally different person at this point when it comes to my relationship with food. I haven't binged since I started Fella and I'm down 20 pounds.
28-year-old software engineer in Canada.
Seeing so many men be so open and vulnerable about an issue that I’ve felt so alone in has been incredibly encouraging. I’ve really felt the support of the community as we're all focused on the same goal together. It's a community with a purpose.
26-year-old engineer in California, USA.
Really surprised & really happy & really proud that I didn't binge during my exams. Gives me confidence I can weather the storm.
24-year-old student in Norway.
I feel I finally have the power to do something about this.
40-year-old teacher in the UK.
Kinda revolutionary in terms of shift change in my thinking rather than just plastering over cracks.
27-year-old manager in the UK.
I feel like I am reading about my own story in many ways, I never imagined there were so many guys dealing with the same issues. It's the first place where I've found belonging to tackle this.
37-year-old actor in Ecuador.
I no longer feel on my own.
24-year-old banker in the UK.

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Inspired by our co-founder Richie's own struggles with binge eating.

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Get supported by a community of other men while you do evidence-backed exercises delivered via engaging software.


Feel understood in a community of men like you.

There are other men out here. Join the largest community of men who binge eat: be understood and get supported by other guys facing the same problems. But community alone isn't enough...

Evidence-backed cognitive exercises which work.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the leading evidence-based treatment for binge eating. But what's the point of evidence if it's not engaging...

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Modern delivery for the 21st Century.

We're fed up of old-school PDFs & "top tip" articles. Using our backgrounds in software & AI, we've created interactive exercises which are enjoyable to use & keep you on track.

Designed by healthcare professionals.

Iakovina Koutoufa

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology who specializes in Disordered Eating.

Dr Christine Johnson

Local Clinical Lead and ex-Primary Care Physician in the NHS, 35 years experience.

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